I Believe I Can Fly

Talk about split personality! At daycare, I would describe Amber as a quiet, sweet, gentle girl who loves to cuddle and be held. When she is with her family she is a carefree, wild, bouncy girl who couldn't possibly sit still if there is fun to be had.

I had a sneak peek at her other personality at the RDog event the day before. She flew around the agility course and I couldn't believe she was the same dog.

We went out today to get pictures of Amber doing agility and hanging out with her sisters. It was great to get some pictures of agility from different angles, instead of just sitting on the sidelines. Amber was having too much fun to worry about me laying on the ground under the jumps or holding the camera on the A-frame.

I was constantly worried about doing too much repetition and tiring this little girl out.

Apparently I didn't need to worry. She was racing around until the very end.

Although I did manage her to sit still for a few photos. But only around 5!

Teaser {Amber}

What? Were you expecting mild and meek? I know I was!

She jumps so high, she was constantly jumping right out of the frame.


Fearless Mountain Cat

Well that might be a slight exaggeration. In reality, I had my longest lens, at it's furthest extension to get any pictures of this beauty.

I only managed to get a few pictures before he/she scampered off home.


Where There's Smoke...

... there are bright yellow eyes looking at you.

Smoke was a perfect model.

She would look at the camera whenever you made a noise.

She would pose with her toy.

And, she would lounge in front of a bright window so I had lots of natural light. What more could a girl ask for?


Intense Smoke

Last December my sister's family adopted a cute little grey kitten named Smoke. I went for a visit last weekend and I can't believe how much she has changed. She is now a gorgeous, sleek cat. It is amazing how quickly cats grow up. She has the most intense eyes.

More to come soon!