Mr. Smiley

We ran into this handsome lad a few days ago at the dog park.

He is only 9 months old and had lots of energy to spare.

Lacey had a blast running around with him and I hate to admit it, going after his tail. I know everyone who knows Lacey will be shocked by this, but I'm telling you, it is true. I've deleted all the evidence to protect her innocence but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.


Have Lap, Will Travel

Lu has to be the easiest cat to photograph. To get her into any particular room all I have to do is sit down, and stretch out my legs. I swear she can "hear" when your lap is available. The moment your legs are stretched out, she comes out of nowhere and jumps on board.

So when I want her in the living room near the large window I just sit down on the floor and voila! She is in the perfect spot for some indoor pictures with lots of natural light.



Cody was not impressed with me and my camera. He did not appreciate his nap being interrupted.

I was given the evil eye on more than one occasion.

After being bribed with some treats, he was finally feeling up to a little bit of modeling.

He was even convinced to play a little.

Although that was pretty short lived. I think the glare above is his "subtle" way of telling me to back off and let him go back to sleep.

Alright Cody. You win.


Corgi Cuteness

This little girl is giving Pixel a run for her money as the cutest Corgi ever.