Dog Park Cuteness

Some days I can't resist taking pictures of random dogs we meet at the dog park.
This little cutie was too shy to visit, but not too shy to bark. :)


A Man and His Dog

George had spent time hunting this weekend and still had energy to spare.

I have a feeling he would get up and go, any time his dad asked him to.

I love tugging pictures. They are so much fun to take and I love the end results.

But I have to remember that big dogs are strong - he almost dislocated my shoulder!

What lab doesn't love water? It was pretty chilly though so we didn't end up hanging out there too long as soon the pups were shaking.

I'm learning that no matter what the weather, I always have such a good time out on these photo sessions. Thanks everyone for making them so enjoyable and for having such great dogs to photograph!


Small Packages

Daisy Duke is quite small for a border collie but she has a lot of energy, focus and determination crammed in that tiny package. As with all border collies, she has a job to do. In her case, that job is to retrieve toys until your arm is exhausted from throwing. Or until, you hide the toy.

I am completely in love with Daisy Duke. If all border collies were as fun and friendly as her, I think I'd have 20.

I'd have to be single too as there is no way my husband would let me have that many dogs. Good thing, Daisy is one of a kind! ;)

Could you resist?


Teaser {Daisy Duke and George}

It was raining this morning. Not a good thing when you have a photo session that afternoon. But we decided to go ahead. And for the most part, (if you ignore the brief stint of frozen rain) we actually had decent weather

Daisy Duke (the border collie) was her usual toy obsessed self which made for easy portrait pictures, and George (the lab) was a busy boy who occasionally lifted his head for a photo. :) I had a lot fun and as you can tell, Daisy and George seemed to have as well.

More photos to come in the next few days!