River Season

I LOVE taking pictures down by the river.

The rocks, the splashes of water, the fur well defined by wetness....

Too bad "river season" is almost over for the year.  I'm going to miss it.


Agility Weekend

I had the pleasure of photographing the Go Dog Go agility trial this past weekend.  If I didn't have to edit 1,000's of photos every time, I could photograph agility every day.  I LOVE watching the dogs run.  They are so graceful, athletic and smart!  You can see how much the team bond grows between dog and owner after they've done agility together for a few years. It looks like the experienced dogs almost read their handlers' minds and are able to turn on a dime with the merest flick of the hand.

Saturday was a beautiful day for agility - sunny but not too warm.  It was perfect.  Sunday, not so much.  Sunday it rained ALL day.  But I was dressed for it.  I borrowed my husband's fishing rain gear, wore long underwear and a wool sweater underneath it and I managed to stayed toasty and dry all day despite the fact that I did nothing but sit on the ground for hours on end.  I wasn't a fashion statement (at least not a good one!) but at least I wasn't shivering.

I tried to pick out a few favourite photos of the weekend for the blog and failed miserably - there are just too many.  So instead I put some into a slideshow that you can see here.  I randomly chose pictures from throughout the two days.  If you want to see more, you can always visit the gallery to see all the pictures from the weekend.