Pug Happiness

Otis (on the left) and Tucker (on the right) weren't always the best of friends but I never would have guessed it.
Otis was definitely more of a "daddy's boy".
Whereas Tucker wanted to play with the toys AND visit with anyone who would spare the time for a few scratches.
Apparently it is Tucker that gets all the attention from people they pass on their walks. Poor Otis is often over looked but I think he is awfully cute.
Although there is something about Tucker that just makes you want to smile.
Thanks guys for a GREAT evening. Even the mosquitos were kind enough to stay away until the very end. Mental note: never leave home without bug spray!

I'll leave you with just one more picture. There are two things I love about it:
1. I love the way you can see Tucker lapping up the love in the background
2. I love Otis' perfect little row of white teeth
Have a great weekend everyone!


Teaser {Otis and Tucker}

I met up last night with Otis and Tucker and their parents at Peenaquim. Poor Otis was a little afraid of the guns going off at the firing range, but he recovered by the end of the walk. I think Tucker was breathing too loudly to even hear the guns. ;)

I'll have more pictures of these two cuties for you tomorrow.


Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Go! Dog! Go! is an amazing agility training group, led by two amazing women. Sarah and Amanda wanted something better for their own dogs, and their student's dogs, so 4 years ago they went out and made it happen. They jumped in with both feet and have never looked back. There are now some pretty amazing agility dogs in Lethbridge thanks to them!

To celebrate, they did what they all love to do - agility of course! It was so much fun to see how much the dogs (and handlers) have learned since I last saw them. One thing hasn't changed. The dogs still love the game.

Pearl is an expert at the weave poles.
Vito couldn't resist a quick visit.
Stoker looked this happy the entire time he was out there.
Charm was a little cutie who was super fun to watch.
Wicca is almost as intense and focused as her momma.
Maggie is a little less intense... She is just out for a good time.
Can we say born to model? Sniper did what he was asked and then turned for his cover shot.
Lucy always makes things look effortless.
Tag is so fast it is almost impossible to get a picture of him. By the time you push the button he is gone.
Andre manages to always look so refined.
Kaleb never seems to look very refined. ;)
Neena thinks the jumps are set too low.
I think this is Jazmine... I know it isn't Kaleb as there isn't a big tongue sticking out.
Boone would like everyone to know you can be athletic and stylish all at the same time. Isn't his collar gorgeous? It is from Nearly Naked Neckwear.
Gyppie is another one of those "almost too fast for the camera" dogs.
Stryker is getting older and slower, but he isn't having any less fun than he used to.
Tag is impatient to be off the "boring" table.
Roxy was looking gorgeous with her beautiful, shiny black coat.

Jane has the cutest little bum.
Lucy literally flies to the end of the teeter-totter.
See I told you he always looks this happy.
There is something about watching Vito do agility that makes you smile.
Congratulations Go! Dog! Go! for an incredible 4 years!



Freddie is looking for a home has found a home!

He is confident.

He is friendly.

He loves to purr.

He loves to play.

And he is cute as the Dickens.

What more could you want?
If you, or anyone you know, would like an irresistible, 6-week old, fluffy kitten, please contact us at


Outtakes {Harley}

Why is it that when you take pictures of people acting naturally you get all these weird expressions that make you cringe, but when you do the same thing with dogs, you get pictures that make you smile?


More Obedience Dogs

Esmae wasn't the only gorgeous dog at Henderson last weekend doing obedience.

There was also:


Don't you love the way she is looking up at her Mom!


Vito is making the treat dispensing easier by jumping up to get them.


Kort was practicing watching the people go by.


Bosley is super cute with his little dumbbell.


Epic is an uber-handsome Belgian Sheepdog.


Maui was briefly distracted even though a treat was being offered. She is definitely not a retriever who would have vacuumed that up in a heartbeat!

And Lacey

Lacey wasn't doing obedience. Her only job was to look cute.



Some friends get together occasionally at Henderson Park to do some obedience training. Henderson has lots of open grassy areas and lots of people and dogs going by to add distraction and hence difficulty to the training. I decided to tag along and take some pictures.

I was completely smitten with Esmae.

How could I not be? She is not only gorgeous but is also very cuddly. Actually cuddly isn't quite the right word to describe her. She is more like "melty". I sat on the ground and she was instantly on my lap, melting into me like a giant marshmallow. I could have sat there all day.


Handsome Harley

Harley is just as fun and playful at the dog park as he is at daycare, but he was also quite different.

At daycare, Harley never plays fetch. Never. He doesn't even look at the toys. But at the dog park, he was totally obsessed with the toys and didn't want to stop playing fetch. When we tried to hide the toys on him, he would just wander around looking for them.

I was also expecting him to be glued to Jeri's side. You should see how excited he gets to see Jeri when she picks him up at daycare. He can hardly contain himself. At indoor dog park, he wouldn't leave her side unless she put him in a stay and walked away. But yesterday when we wanted to get a picture of the two of them, he was too obsessed with the toy to want to pay attention to her. :)

It was fun to see such a different side to him.

There is something about butt shots, that always appeal to me!

Thanks Harley and Jeri for a really great time! I'm still amazed at how much fun I can have "at work".