"I Gotta New Camera" Sale

I just got a new camera and I am in love. I'm having fun, Coulee and Lacey are having fun and I want you to have fun too.

If you want to get in on the fun, take advantage of my "I Gotta New Camera" Sale and at the same time, get some great winter photos of your pet. Every photo sessions that takes place during the month of January will be half price! Spaces are limited so book early!



Amanda is currently dog sitting the cutest little Aussie pup named Trip. I could NOT resist taking a bazillion photos of him today.

He is only 14 weeks old and already knows how to shake a paw. Whenever he thinks you are wanting him to do something, he offers his paw. It is the sweetest thing.

It was so cold out today we had to go outside for pictures for just a minute or two at a time but it was totally worth it.

I'm hoping I can take more tomorrow!