Young At Heart

It is hard to believe that Sammy is 7 years old.  As a large breed dog (a Mastiff) 7 is considered a senior, but she was all puppy cuteness and antics on the day I met her.

She was absolutely smitten with the toys I brought her.

The Cuz can work magic on almost any dog.  In fact one of my dogs loves cuz toys so much I literally need to hide them in the pantry so that she will stop playing with it.  So whenever someone mentions their dog only kind of likes toys, I definitely bring the cuz along to work it's magic.

I also like to bring a tug toy and Sammy LOVED the pink flamingo.

She didn't want to put it down and whenever we took it away she just ran around looking for it.

We tried to get some family photos too, but the toys were kind of distracting!

Thanks Sammy for making me giggle and impressing me with your youthful exuberance!

PS - As you can tell by the weather, I took these photos a few weeks ago.  That beautiful green grass is no more!  I'm just a little behind on the blogging!



Last but not the least of Bobbi's clan is Jessi.

She was definitely the shyest of the bunch and kept her distance for most of the time I was there.

Bobbi describes her as "The Cowardly Lion" and I understand why.  You can tell she wants to come close, but isn't too sure if it will be safe.  But of course, cookies helped ease her fears.

Jessi originally was from a dog hoarder and had very little contact with people other than the woman who owned her.  She used to try and bite everyone that came near her.  I'm so glad she is over that habit!  She really is a sweet little girl.

She has come such a long way since Bobbi got her about a year and a half ago.  I can't wait to see how confident she is the next time I meet her.



I bet you thought Bobbi's dogs couldn't possibly get any cuter than you've already seen.

If that is what you thought, then you thought wrong.

Baylee had a few cute tricks up her sleeve to get me to part with my cookies as well.

First there is the wild, pleading look.

Then there was the cute little pawing technique (again with the tongue to show how yummy she thought the cookies were).

Then there was the "I'm dying of starvation over here - please feed me!" trick.

I think I've said this before...  How are all of Bobbi's dogs not fat?!  I couldn't feed them all treats fast enough.

Baylee, you really are a cute little thing!



So continuing on with Bobbi's clan, this little firecracker is Alfie.

Unlike his siblings he didn't have the begging routine down pat, (maybe he hasn't been there long enough yet!) and he was a little hesitant to come too close so we figured out another method of treat dispersal.

It seemed to make him happy.

They were told he was a Chihuahua but with those ears, it is hard to believe he isn't at least part Papillon.

Whatever he is, he is cute, fun and fiesty!


Sad News

I found out late yesterday that Sophie passed over the rainbow bridge.  She was a sweet girl who will be missed.



I'm not sure how old Zoey is but I love her grey salt and pepper fur. 

Her head looks so soft and "pettable".

She literally spent the entire time slowly following me around looking for cookies.  Hence why she always has her ears up... "For me?"

There must be an unwritten rule that you can't live with Bobbi unless you know how to beg.  Maybe they all practice their begging techniques while Bobbi and Tim are away at work because they all know how to work it.

She even searched for crumbs in the ground.  :)

As with most of Bobbi's dogs, Zoey is a rescue.  She found this tiny bundle of cuteness at an animal shelter.  The owners called the shelter 5 days after she went missing and when informed that it would cost $25 to get her back, they decided to just leave her there.

Their loss is Bobbi's gain.  And Zoey's too I imagine.



Sophie wasn't feeling her best on the day I went to take pictures.

She spent a lot of time getting comfort from her mama, just by being near her.

And when she wasn't right at her side, she was staring up at her with love in her eyes.

But, through and through she is still a golden.  And that means food can at least provide a distraction.

But the moment the food was gone, she was back with her mom.

Thanks for at least occasionally humouring me and the camera Sophie!


The Sweetest Smile

Roxy is probably one of the tiniest Chihuahua's you'll ever meet.  She could easily perch in your hand and Bobbi said when she got her, she was able to easily curl up in the palm of her hand.  She can't weigh any more than a pound or two.

She's been taking lessons from her brother Casey on begging but she doesn't quite have his same finesse.

But none-the-less, she has her ways of melting your heart and passing over the goods.

She definitely had the starving look down pat too.

But she wasn't all about the food.  Well she was mainly about the food, but I did manage to catch her in action too.

You gotta love that cute little tongue.  She doesn't have a lot of teeth so it sneaks out a little more than usual.  But the lack of teeth gives her the sweetest smile.