Young At Heart

It is hard to believe that Sammy is 7 years old.  As a large breed dog (a Mastiff) 7 is considered a senior, but she was all puppy cuteness and antics on the day I met her.

She was absolutely smitten with the toys I brought her.

The Cuz can work magic on almost any dog.  In fact one of my dogs loves cuz toys so much I literally need to hide them in the pantry so that she will stop playing with it.  So whenever someone mentions their dog only kind of likes toys, I definitely bring the cuz along to work it's magic.

I also like to bring a tug toy and Sammy LOVED the pink flamingo.

She didn't want to put it down and whenever we took it away she just ran around looking for it.

We tried to get some family photos too, but the toys were kind of distracting!

Thanks Sammy for making me giggle and impressing me with your youthful exuberance!

PS - As you can tell by the weather, I took these photos a few weeks ago.  That beautiful green grass is no more!  I'm just a little behind on the blogging!


  1. I love the second photo - she really looks like a crazy puppy :)

  2. I love these Wendy. Great job - the second one is hilarious!