New Blog

Sorry I've been so quiet here lately.  Part of the reason is because I was working on a new website and blog.  It has been up for a week or so, but I wanted to make sure things were working well and there were no bugs before sending you all over to check it out.

So feel free to go give it a look.  It is at the same great place (, it just has a new look.  I'm pleased to finally have everything all in the same place and I hope you'll find the website easier to navigate.

I've also decided to combine both the daycare blog and the photography blog.  I hope it won't be too confusing for clients that are only interested in one aspect of our services, but it will make things much easier for me and more streamlined for you. If you have no interest in what happens at the daycare and just want to see the Photography Posts you can just click on Categories then Photography to filter everything else out.

So from now on, be sure to check out for updates and more great photos!  I hope to see you there.



Every year the Lethbridge Photography Club hosts an event called Photofusion.  Their members put together slideshows ranging in topics from Vietnam to Las Vegas to Cattle Drives to Cookies.  The shows are on everything and anything.  This is my first year as a member of the club and I decided to submit a slideshow.  Due to some technical difficulties, this is not the exact show I submitted but the images are all the same it is just the layout that is different.  Enjoy!

Come Play With Me from Wendy Devent on Vimeo.


15 Minutes or Less

I've had to cancel a few photo sessions these past few weeks due to the weather.  Heavy snowfall and cold weather does not make for a fun photo session - for the dogs or the people!

I had the pleasure of fostering Lily with Windy City Canine Rescue this weekend and I couldn't resist putting my free model to work on our short walks.

It is amazing how many pictures you can get in 15 minutes of a fast moving border collie!

The only problem is that the longer we were out there, the more frozen she looked.

I don't think she noticed though.  She was too busy running and fetching.

I was the one that couldn't handle being outside for more than 15 minutes at a time.  I could feel my fingers and toes starting to freeze and I knew it was time to call it quits.

The only time she didn't come back when called was when she knew it was time to go.

She did not want to leave, but I was sure she had to be freezing.  How can you not be with a face full of ice?

If you think you'd like to adopt this fun loving girl, please contact the Windy City Canine Rescue for more information.