{Teaser} - Norman, Pele and Pearl

I had a very busy day today with 2 photo sessions. It never feels like work though! It always feels like I'm just going for a walk with friends.

I started off my day with Norman and Pele, two beautiful elkhounds. My husband took one look at the pictures and started grilling me about temperment, size, etc. I assured him they were wonderful dogs, but that they had a lot of hair! ;)

Then this afternoon I met with Pearl. She was recently adopted from the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue. She has come to daycare a few times and has been a fairly quiet, reserved girl. It turns out she has been holding out on us. She is really a fun loving party girl!

More pictures to come over the next few days so stay tuned!


Taz and Nikko

I had a chilly photo session last Saturday with Taz and Nikko but it was still a lot of fun. They are both so full of life. Some people worry their dogs will be too wild for a photo session, but let me assure you... there is no such thing!

Even wild and crazy dogs like these two will eventually stop moving... at least briefly!

I love it when a dog runs with their tongue hanging to the side - it is the sign of a good time!
Getting a "traditional" family portrait with dogs can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. ;)
What do you know? There is that tongue again. :)
The perfect winter scene... two fun loving dogs.
Thanks Stephanie, Taz and Nikko for a great time last weekend! I hope you enjoy your pictures.


{Teaser} - Taz and Nikko

I met Stephanie, her brother, Taz and Nikko at the dog park yesterday for a cold (and quick) photo session. Taz and Nikko were fine - they were running around in the snow as if it was summer, it was the rest of us that were freezing.

Stay tuned for more pictures of these fun loving pups!


He's All Ears


Shelter Pictures

Are you ready for more cuteness? All of these guys are currently at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter.

This is Lily. A beagle cross after my heart.

Once she discovered I had treats, she wouldn't leave my side and started to do everything she could think of to get more. She was very sassy.
It was love at first sight when I met Aladar. They have him listed as a Chesapeake Bay Retriever but I don't see any of that in him at all. He has a light build more like a border collie. He would make a wonderful agility dog. He was full of bounces and was ready to go, go, go!

Raven is a sweet tempered lab cross that just wanted to be petted and scratched.

I think Lilly is the most beautiful looking cat I've ever seen. I almost smuggled her out in my coat, just so I could take her home and take more pictures. :)

This is Iris... She was more playful and rambunctious than her sister Lilly but just as beautiful.
Coca hasn't quite settled in yet, but she was quick to ask for chin rubs once she decided you were a friend.
I loved little Arwhin. His big yellow eyes just make you want to make all his worries go away.

This is Tux. He was always on the move... swatting at toys, exploring the room and running over for a quick scratch behind the ear.
May I introduce Fluffy. He is a tank! If you are looking for a docile cat that just wants to lay around and keep your lap warm, he is the cat for you! Hmmm. I just noticed he isn't on Petfinder anymore. That is probably good news!
If I had to use one word to describe She-Ra it would be busy. Busy, busy, busy. Hence the blurry photo - she didn't sit still for more than a second! She was the exact opposite of Fluffy.
And last, but not least is Athena. She was a little unsure but just melted into your hand when you rubbed her head.



This gorgeous girl is at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter along with her equally stunning sister. More pics to come tomorrow.



The Lethbridge Animal Shelter is FINALLY on Petfinder. I found out right before Christmas and called to find out if they would be interested in me taking some photos of the pets for them. I'm going to try and get there about once a week.

Yesterday was my first day and I had a lot of fun. The dogs were all very sweet and most were just happy to be outside sniffing and playing with toys. Personally, I was freezing. I took tonnes of photos of the first dog, realized that I couldn't spend 2 hours straight outside, and started clicking the camera a little faster. :) I was relieved when the dogs were done and I could come inside to take pictures of the cats.

I think Oliver was just brought in. It sounded like his home might have already been found, but I couldn't resist taking at least a few pictures! I just loved Buddy's beautiful brown eyes. He was a little shy of both me and the camera but I have a feeling he would warm up quickly if given the chance. Howser was so cute. When we came back inside he spotted a leash on the floor, scooped it up and stood at the door waiting for his walk. He has definitely been loved by someone! Buster was quite sweet and pretty timid. But not too timid to take a treat. Herbert was my favourite. He kept play bowing to me and just wanted to be scratched under his chin. Yig was a handful. But a fun handful. :) Bocis was a total softy who was so fun to watch play. He would run and fetch the ball and then run around with it. Then it would fall from his mouth and he would joyfully chase after it again. I think Dief was my favourite to photograph. There was just something about him. And don't you just love that little pink nose? Not sure what this fellow's name is but trust me, he was friendly than he looks. He was just giving me the tough guy look, he doesn't really mean it. Alley definitely knew how to strike a regal pose. Straya had me at hello. He was simply gorgeous and had the personality to match. Koda definitely had a knack for modeling. He would not only look directly at the camera, but he would hold the pose long enough for me to take the picture. Good kitty! Kalidiskope, or Owl, (as I tended to think of him) was really quite sweet. He wasn't too happy that I moved him into another room and pointed a camera at him though. He had beautiful markings and gorgeous big round eyes. Oreo has been at the shelter for a few months. I'm not sure how so many people could have resisted these beautiful green eyes. I think Goulla must mean "cute" in some foreign language. She was the first cat I brought out and a struggled to get any pictures because all she wanted to do was snuggle on my lap. I think it is funny that the pictures the shelter has of Charlie are pretty much the same ones I took. He was resting in his litter box (everyone except Charlie and Trevor (below) were trying desperately to visit with me) so I decided to let him have his rest. I have a feeling he isn't a very high maintenance kind of guy. Trevor was also resting comfortably in his kennel and I didn't want to disturb him. It doesn't look like I succeeded. ;)
Well that is all of them. I only missed one cat, but he already had a home waiting for him. So if you, or anyone you know are looking for another pet, the Lethbridge Animal Shelter has some sweet dogs and cats that would love to call your house their home.