Esmae and Massey {Aussie Fever}

I had the pleasure of photographing these two gorgeous Australian Shepherds this weekend.  I don't think either of them could produce a bad picture if they tried.

Esmae is the younger, wilder sister....

Massey is older and a little more laid back but can still turn on the burners when she wants to.

Esmae is the model in the family and was constantly striking a pose.

Massey was much more fixated on getting and keeping it away from her younger, brattier sister.

And apparently her mom too!  :)

And one last one showing off how beautiful and athletic these dogs are!  What you didn't get to see was how snuggly these two dogs are too. I couldn't crouch or sit down without a few kisses planted on my face.

Thanks Maureen for joining me on Saturday night!  I always enjoy being kissed and cuddled by your two sweet girls.


Greyhounds - Lure Coursing

Sorry I went quiet there for so long!  Here are a few more pictures from the Lure Coursing event a few weeks ago. The greyhounds were amazing to watch but they also went by so fast, the race was over before you knew it!


Teaser - {Izzy}

I thought I'd interrupt the Lure Coursing posts to show you a cute little pup that I photographed last week. More to come of this girl soon!