Billy Boy

Billy is with the Windy City Canine Rescue.  He came from horrible circumstances but despite all that, he is such a sweetheart.



If you've ever been to the Paws on the Run Daycare, odds are, you'll have met Chewy.

Often you'll find her sleeping in her box on top of the filing cabinet but other times she'll do her best to climb aboard yours shoulders. The first time she does it to someone, the expression on their face is priceless - they are always so shocked and she makes them feel very special.

The dogs love her - Ben cries every afternoon on his way out the door because he is so anxious to spot her, Rudy often gets kisses (with both paws on either side of his head), and Milo usually gets love bites on his forehead.  She is obviously quite gentle as they keep coming back for more.

The clients love her too - Cooper's mom brings her treats, Charlee's mom brings her toys and Jackie's kids come running in just to see her.  We often come to the front to see Chewy lapping up the love from various clients.

I'm astonished by the number of kids (and adults) that peer through the window looking for her.  She is obviously a neighborhood favourite and often goes to the window to say hello to her fans.

Even though it is a dog daycare, the place just wouldn't be the same without her!



Barkley's mom Lorie mentioned in June or July that she'd like to get Barkley photographed as a surprise for her husband Andre. We chatted a bit and just left things as "one day soon".  Then a month or so later, Andre came in and mentioned he'd like to book a session for Barkley.  Yikes!  So Lorie and I decided we needed to move forward and as if on cue, Andre went away on business.  This was our chance.

So a few weeks ago, I met the handsome Barkley and Lorie down in Peenaquim Park for a session.  The light was gorgeous and the grasses had ripened to the same colour of Barkley's fur.  It was perfect timing.

Barkley loves to fetch.  Well actually, he loves to run around with something in his mouth.  And if you deprive him of his toy, he makes due with whatever he can find, namely giant rocks.

The only time he had a serious look on his face was when you were holding his toy. I think he was concerned for it's safety and whether or not he'd get it back.

When you gave it back to him, he got all goofy and relaxed again.

He never wanted to let go of the toy (or rock for that matter) and he was starting to learn all my tricks of getting back the ball.

Thankfully, he didn't seem to need us to throw it to have a good time, so we generally just let him have it.

He occasionally stopped running to strike a pose, and when he did, he did it well.

Thanks Barkley and Lorie for a great time. Andre I hope you enjoy your gift!