Pugsters Meet-Up

I was thrilled to be contacted a few months ago to see if the Lethbridge Pugsters Meet-Up group could rent the daycare space for their first meeting.

This is Bruce. He was the MAN! He was super fun and was always running over for his close up.  It was fairly warm yesterday and his tongue was permanently out.  I kept trying to sneak up on him every time he laid down, but he kept jumping up and running over. 

There were two sweet older pugs there that were litter mates. I should have blogged yesterday as I've managed to forget both of their names.

Miko came a little later and hung out with her mom for a bit until she got her bearings.  She didn't mind posing for the camera at all!

This is Miko's little sister - Stitch (I think!).  She was WILD and so much fun. She basically hopped from lap to lap giving kisses.

This sweet and confident girl below was adopted just 3 weeks ago by her mom.  She loved the fact that I had treats in my pocket. In fact they all did.  At times, I had quite the little following.

I'd met Pickles before.  She came to daycare a week or so ago just so that she could get use to the place. When she first arrived yesterday, she didn't venture far from her momma.  But she eventually found her confidence.

This is Ruby. She was a little shy, and really, really didn't want to look at the camera.

Her sister China, was a little bit more of a social butterfly and flitted from person to person and dog to dog.

Hugo is a pug/schipperke cross.  His ears and tongue were unmistakably pug.

Hugo came with his little sister Pixie. She is a pug/boston terrrier cross.  She was cute, cute, cute but also a little timid of all the action going on around her.

There were two other litter mates there (who's names I also forgot!  Geesh!).  They are pug/long haired dachshund crosses.  They weren't usually found too far from their mom, but I managed to coax them out a little later with some treats.

And last, but not least was Izzy.  She kept getting the zoomies and running around with her tail tucked and a crew of pugs following her.  It was quite fun to watch.

I had a great time hanging out, taking pictures and doling out treats. Pugs LOVE their treats! It sounds like the group will be meeting again in the near future so if you have a pug, and want to join in, email Amanda S. to be included on their contact list.  You can also stay up to date by visiting their website -


  1. great pug shots!!! i loved seeing these! :) wish i was closer so i could have gone! :)

  2. Hey do you know when the next meeting is, my mom wants to go =)

  3. Hugo is a Bug...that's a Pug/Boston Terreier Mix..I have a Pug/Schipperke mix...shelooks nothing like Hugo..